Downtown Monroe Art Crawl

Thursday, October 1st is the Downtown Monroe Art Crawl.  It's a fun way to get out, see some art, eat some food, hear some music and just generally leave your house.

Here are directions to a place to park downtown.  It all takes place in the same general area.  See you there.

Good luck on final projects

You're on the home stretch. Just hang in there a little bit longer.

Illustration by Christoph Niemann

Library of Congress on Flickr

I'm completely obsessed with the Library of Congress' page on Flickr. Anyone else who used to frequent their old site format will immediately be taken by the convenience of seeing all of these amazing historical images so easily. The color images from the 1940-50's are especially vivid. Check it out.

I love this image.

On a sidenote, these images are free to use for almost whatever purpose. Some students in graduate school put on a "Cake Show" using images from the Library of Congress printed on cakes... it was delicious.

Some Cheap or Free Opportunities

Time to bolster those resumes, so here are some great opportunities coming up... most are free, so the "I'm poor" excuse won't work.



Monroe Art Fest Update

Tomorrow those that can should plan to meet at the art building around 9am to help load tables to bring to Artfest. If you cannot, then plan to arrive around 10am in Monroe to help unload and set-up. If it is raining, Artfest will still be on, but will be held mostly inside the parking garage by Vantage Tower. It's in the exact same vicinity, just in the only parking garage you can see from that area. If it's not raining, our tent is at 2nd and Desiard. See you tomorrow!

Monroe Downtown ArtFest

Don't forget, the downtown Monroe artfest is this Saturday from 12pm-6pm. If you are planning on selling work you need to be there and ready before noon. Make sure you are preparing right now and gradually finishing all the little details throughout the week (pricing, business cards, printing, etc.) If you have questions talk to your photo-faculty member sooner than later.

Here's the website.
Stop by even if you're not selling work.

Masur Juried Show

The Masur Museum of Art's annual juried members exhibition is due on Friday! You should all plan to submit to this. On a side note, being a member of a museum can go on your resume, so even if you don't get work in, you get another line!

Details are right here.